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Honour your body’s natural rhythm with the power of plants.

Leaning into using plant medicines in the form of tea is a beautiful and nourishing practice that helps you tune in with your hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle and beyond.

Each blend has a unique combination of herbs to support hormone balance and ease stress, support detoxification, replenish minerals and keep your skin bright & hydrated.

Yes, drinking herbal tea counts towards your daily water intake!

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Norris, Hormone Nutritionist & Plant Enthusiast

I’ve been mixing unique herbal blends for my clients over the years at The Soulful Sprout, and I’ve seen and experienced first hand just how helpful they can be. I wanted to bring this same experience beyond my practice and into your hands – it only made sense I would create my own line of teas. 

These four blends will help you reconnect to your own natural cycle. They are rich in minerals and vitamins to help you live in harmony with your hormones and lower stress in your body.

My hope is for you to enjoy these tea blends, take a moment to slow down, and feel held and infinitely supported.

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