Meet Ashleigh Norris, a Clinical Nutritionist with a specialization in hormones and digestive health.

With a deep understanding of the power of plants, both as food and as medicine, Ashleigh knows how to use herbs to bring balance and harmony back to the body. Her studies in herbalism and Ayurveda inspired her passion for tea blending in 2016, and she's been mixing unique herbal blends for her clients at The Soulful Sprout Holistic Nutrition Clinic ever since.

Having seen firsthand how helpful these plant medicines can be for hormone balance, Ashleigh wanted to share the healing experience beyond her practice and into your hands. That's why she created a line of teas designed to establish ease and hormone harmony in your body. Our four blends will help you reconnect with your natural cycles and hormonal rhythms, offering gentle nourishing support rich in minerals and vitamins, such as nettle and rosehips. Our hope is for you to enjoy these tea blends, take a moment to slow down, and feel held and infinitely supported. Try our teas today and experience the transformative power of natural healing.

Here to reconnect you with the power of plant medicines & the deep wisdom of your own body.

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