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Soulful Tea Blends

Period Self Love Kit -Limited Edition

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Our Period Self Love Kit is curated to provide a little extra comfort, warmth, and nourishment during your monthly flow. 

This kit includes:

+ Womb Warmer - a Flax Seed & Lavender Pillow  

Our custom Womb Warmer is in collaboration with Love My Mat (a female-founded business in Ontario, Canada). These heatable pillows are filled with therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil-infused flax seeds with a hint of dried lavender buds, which promote rest and help relieve tension, cramping, and pain. During your menstrual cycle, or for cramping relief, you can warm the pillow for 30-45 seconds in your microwave or leave it in a heated oven (once it's off) for 2-5 minutes. 

+ Flow Tea Blend 

Our signature Flow blend contains a unique blend of powerful organic ingredients all proven to balance and improve the menstrual cycle. This blend contains healing vitamins and minerals, which help strengthen and restore the uterine lining, regulate and balance hormones, and ease digestive upset and cramping during your period. You can sip on 1-3 cups per day during your bleed.

+ JOYA Dark Chocolate Bar with Lion's Mane Mushroom

Cacao is rich in minerals including magnesium, zinc, and iron which your body needs during your period. This 70% cacao dark chocolate bar features a full daily dose of antioxidant-rich, immune-supporting Lion's mane mushroom extract. All of the functional benefits (with zero mushroom flavor). Cancan is rich in minerals including magnesium, zinc, and iron which your body needs during your period. 

+ Tea Infuser

Our stainless steel infuser is designed to hold up to 5 tbsp of loose leaf tea, is dishwasher safe, and is ideal for single cups/teapots.



Oat straw + Rich in calcium and B vitamins which help to ease PMS boost energy. Nourishes the nervous system and can help to reduce anxiety.

Lemon balm + A cooling herb that supports the nervous system, improving mood and cognitive function. It also supports sleep and can help with digestive issues, cramps, and gastric ulcers.

Vitex chaste tree berries + Vitex berries are effective at treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and can provide relief from breast pain, menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, and infertility. 

Rose petals + Rose helps to ease menstrual cramps and uterine congestion and is also a potent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, and antioxidants. Rose also has a mild sedative effect, making it a wonderful tea to have as part of your bedtime routine.

Peppermint + A cooling herb that helps support digestion. It also works to relieve tension headaches, support sleep and menstrual migraines. 

Chamomile + A gentle plant, that has potent healing capabilities, chamomile is used most often for its calming effects on the body and combatting stress & anxiety. This herb is anti-inflammatory, and is soothing for the liver, digestive system, and stomach. 

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