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Soulful Tea Blends

JOCO Glass Reusable Cup - 12OZ Persimmon

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We love the artisan-crafted JOCO glass reusable cup for being ergonomically friendly and its beautiful design. 

This reusable coffee cup has the potential to decrease your individual footprint by 38,325 single-use cups and can bring you a step closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Colour: Persimmon

+ Artisan blown glass, made from artists, not machines 

+ Anti-splash, ergonomic design 

+ Microwave and dishwasher safe

+ Thermal shock resistant 

+ It can last a lifetime

+ Designed from clean, premium, highly durable materials

+ 100% plastic-free

+ Certified and truly non-toxic

+ Bisphenol (BPA, BPF, BPS, EA) free

+ The silicone sleeve is antibacterial, non-porous and allows for a better grip while keeping your beverage at the optimal drinking temperature


+ Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. It does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please contact your healthcare practitioner if you are taking any medications, pregnant or breastfeeding.