organic wild harvested oil

Breast is an all-natural herbal-infused oil that supports lymphatic circulation, helps ease tenderness, and nourishes breast tissue. Created by women who understand the challenges of breast tenderness, PMS, swelling, fibrocystic breasts, stretch marks, and dry skin, Breast promotes lymphatic flow, improves skin tone and elasticity, and deeply hydrates while inspiring a daily self-care ritual.

Organic wild harvested herbs are carefully infused in grape seed oil and blended with Geranium, Roman Chamomile, and Lavender essential oils to create a light, soothing scent. Breast can also be used in cases of mammary abscesses and mastitis, providing a gentle and effective natural solution.

Crafted with love in Ontario, Canada, Breast is an empowering addition to your daily self-care routine that honors and celebrates the power of femininity.

Organic Wild Harvested Herbs

Our commitment to quality and sustainability means that we use wild harvesting and wildcrafting methods to source our plants. This allows us to work with plants that grow naturally and untamed in their native habitats, without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or any other type of human intervention.

We are proud to say that our herbal oils are about as organic as it gets. We wild harvest our plants locally on our founder's property in King City, Ontario, Canada as well as from nearby land. By using wild harvesting and wildcrafting methods, we not only ensure that our products are pure and natural, but we also support the health and well-being of the ecosystems where these plants grow.

The Benefits

Womb oil is a grounding and uplifting oil that combines the nourishing properties of St. John's wort with the protective and mothering nature of Motherwort. It is designed to help you reconnect with the magic of your womb and deeply nourish your womb space, while reducing inflammation and promoting ease.

Daily womb massage is a nourishing practice that can help promote circulation, ease pain and inflammation, and support overall womb health. If you are trying to conceive, a longer massage once a week (aim for at least 15 minutes) can help you bring your attention inward and support healthy fertility.

When practicing womb massage, it's important to move slowly, breathe deeply, and bring awareness to both your hands and internal sensations. You may notice areas of tenderness or sensitivity, and it's okay to focus on these areas without inducing pain. Sensations of tenderness are normal, so be gentle with yourself.

Post-ovulation massage is incredibly healing, but it's not recommended if you think you might have conceived. The increase in blood flow to your womb during massage can support cellular healing, deliver essential vitamins and nourishment, and promote healthy menstruation and fertility.

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