Luteal Phase Sangria With Balance Tea

Luteal Phase Sangria With Balance Tea

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Did you know that alcohol contributes to estrogen dominance?

With estrogen already rising in the luteal phase, we want to do our best to keep estrogen levels down –

So, if you’re experiencing any kind of PMS or estrogen dominance, this is the PERFECT mocktail for you 🤍

This balance Sangria is an amazing summer mocktail recipe to sip on throughout the day.

The blend of soothing and supportive herbs like lemon balm, peppermint, vitex berries, oat straw, rose and chamomile in Balance are mixed with  ginger, fresh mint and peach for extra de bloat properties and vitamin c. 🍊

Recipe makes 4 - 6 servings. 

3 peaches 
2 inch nob fresh ginger 
2 mint sprigs (around 10-15 leaves) 
1 litre balance tea 
500ml filtered water 
500ml sparkling water 

You can either brew a big batch of tea on the stove, or let a big batch cold steep overnight.
Grab some peach, mint, and ginger, and blend it up to make a juice. 
Next, you’re going to take a big pitcher and fill it halfway with ice.
Add the Balance tea, juice and top it off with your favourite sparkling water ✨

Voila, you’ve got a luteal phase tonic that’s designed to nourish you all day long!

Happy sipping!
Watch the video here.


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